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If you are ready to experience the greatest 24-hours on UNC's campus while making a huge impact on the lives of countless patients and families of UNC Children's, UNC Dance Marathon is the event for you!

Ready to sign up to dance at the 2015 marathon? Click here! 

What does it mean to dance? Here's what you need to know...

UNC Dance Marathon 2012

The Marathon: The 2015 marathon will begin on March 20 at 7:30 pm and end 24 hours later on March 21. The marathon takes place on campus in Fetzer gym and any UNC student can sign up as a dancer. So now that the details are out of the way, what actually happens? The marathon is 24 hours filled with not only dancing but also:

  • Performances - bands, a capella groups, dance groups, and more
  • Games - cheer pong, basketball, guitar hero, four square— just to name a few
  • Food - lots of free, catered, delicious food!
  • Activities - sunrise at Kenan Stadium, lunch on Hooker fields and hearing from families we touch
Carolina For The Kids: Our organization that puts on our 24-hour event and organizes all of our fundraising throughout the year. All of the money raised from the marathon and all of our events throughout the year go to fulfill our mission of overcoming the burdens of childhood illness for the patients and families of UNC Children's by providing emotional, financial, and medical support.
Being a Dancer: Signing up to dance at the marathon means a couple things:
  1. You are pledging to stand for 24 hours at the marathon - we stand for 24 hours to show our support for the patients and families of UNC Children's. This represents the 24 hours patients and families fight every day to get better.
  2. You are committing to raise $150 by March 20. Click here for fundraising ideas. $150 can pay for:
         - a family's electricity bill for one month
         - 150 slices of pizza to feed families on Thursday night Pizza Dinners
         - phone cards for 30 families to make calls from the hospital. 
  3. You are signing up to make an emotional and financial difference in the lives of the patients and families at UNC Children's. 

Remember, the deadline to sign up to dance is NOV. 7 at 8PM! Visit us in the Pit Nov. 3-7 or sign up online.

Minute to Win it Games
Kenan Sunrise
KCC at marathon

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